A Collection of Common Questions and Answers

Do you edit all of my photographs?

Yes, I do! Every image has been hand-edited, one at a time, without batching in bulk groups or mass-producing results.

Do you also provide video services?

Unfortunately, I do not at this time. As a solo-shooter, I simply do not have enough eyes and hands to multi-task in that way.

Do you have an assistant?

Based on the session, I will bring along an assistant who also functions as a second-shooter. He or she will provide a second vantage point, while providing aid with lighting, organization, and managing logistics.

How long does it take before we receive our images?

Online galleries are posted within a week for portrait sessions and engagement shoots. For weddings, online galleries will be posted within 3 weeks.


Are our digital files watermarked?

They are not. The high resolution files do not bear any watermarks.

Do we get the copyright of the images?

I include a "copyright release" which allows you to print your images by yourself or through any lab you choose. This, however, is different than obtaining copyright. Copyright simply means that I am the creator of the images, and I "own" the copyright. Selling or obtaining "the copyright" is not possible, but you will have the ability to print and share the images however you'd like!

Do we receive all of the raw, unedited files?

The raw, unedited files will not be available in your gallery. The images I deliver reflect my very high standards and everything else isn't archived. Please rest assured that any images you do not see truly are outtakes! I do not cull to meet a certain number of delivered images.